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It's our purpose to help laboratories move the world forward.

We see a great future for laboratories. We are building a global consulting business and partnerships that create commercial value for both our clients and ourselves through our unique brand of performance improvement.

We deliver our objectives in line with the LTS Manifesto of values for leadership, culture, strategy and talent.

LTS Health - It’s our purpose to help laboratories move the world forward
LTS Health - Global Specialists in Lab Performance Improvement
Global Specialists in Lab Performance Improvement.

LTS is an established expert in its understanding of laboratory operations, offering consultant services globally.

LTS specializes in the following areas for both the public and private sector:

Our Solutions

We are passionate about laboratories.

LTS Health - Process and Performance Improvement
Process and Performance Improvement

A simplified laboratory performance model used to structure and enable creative conversations or diagnose success inhibitors. The ability of labs to apply their resources in managing their demand directly affects their service delivery. The processes in place determine the efficiency in which resources handle their workload.

LTS Health - Automation

When it comes to automation, we know what matters to you. Our process modeling and optimization solutions focus on improved turnaround times and efficient resource utilization throughout your lab. Our service includes the development of a financial business case, as automation come with hefty capital requirements and service costs.

LTS Health - Workforce planning & modeling
Workforce Planning

Lab professionals are not only scarce, but they are also one of the main cost drivers in a lab. Utilizing these resources as efficient as possible is paramount to the long-term success of your lab and the best ROI on your human capital investment.

LTS Health - Consolidation

Consolidation impacts every aspect of the laboratory business, from high-level strategies, clinical interactions, and operational processes to the types of technology used and impact on the staff. Patient care and quality service must remain the primary driver of improvement and consolidation projects.

LTS Health - Facilities Design and Construction​
Facility Design and Project Management

A comprehensive, independent, specialist lab design service that bridges the gap between our clients’ operational optimization and architectural design. Our designs are based on international leading practice and accommodate current and future technology trends, ensuring regulatory compliance and enabling our clients to obtain the desired accreditation.

Meet The Team

Founded in 1998 with offices in Cape Town (South Africa), Chicago (United States), and Amsterdam, our consultants and experts at LTS have become trusted allies to laboratories worldwide.

Our Alliances

Offers comprehensive capabilities and deep industry knowledge required to assist you solve the most complex issues of your organisation. LTS Technology develops and implements data and business intelligence solutions across various industries with the aim to deliver optimized working solutions and accelerated decision-making.


Clinical Lab 2.0 is a Project Santa Fe Foundation initiative, in partnership with LTS Health. It was established both to provide thought leadership and to help develop the evidence base for the valuation of clinical laboratory services in the next era of global healthcare. The participants in Project Santa Fe represent major organisations in global diagnostics, uniting to operationalize laboratory-driven innovations and test their valuation in diverse global marketplaces.


PoP enhances patient care by developing people to be more productive and focused on quality outcomes through continuous sustainability in the lab and delivering a return on investment. This investment is reinvested into the patient who receives continuously improved care.


LabVine hosts a variety of lab specific interactive online courses designed to accelerate your learning process through a diverse learning experience. Enjoy a wide range of interactive content, including videos, quizzes and infographics. You can learn at your own pace with swift loading videos and easy access to laboratory content.


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