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LTS Health is pleased to announce its partnership with LabVine, the leading global marketplace for learning and development in the laboratory industry. This partnership will enable LTS Health to bring industry-leading educational content to its laboratory networks and support its clients to future-proof their laboratories and careers.

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An online learning program consisting of 24 hours e-learning and 8 hours facilitated learning, delivered
over eight weeks. The purpose of the course is to equip learners with an in-depth understanding of
laboratory processes, enable them to analyze laboratory performance and transform opportunities
into tangible results, using advanced tools and methodologies.


An online learning program that consists of 25 hours of e-learning and 5 hours facilitated learning, delivered over five weeks. The main goal of this course is to understand the laboratory process and be able to identify performance problems and come up with complex solutions.


This is a 10-week laboratory management course providing you with knowledge and practical skills needed to become a Laboratory Manager. This course empowers staff with a technical background to transition into a leadership position.

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