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We are passionate about laboratories.

LTS Health - Process and Performance Improvement

A simplified laboratory performance model used to structure and enable creative conversations or diagnose success inhibitors. The ability of labs to apply their resources in managing their demand directly affects their service delivery. The processes in place determine the efficiency in which resources handle their workload.

LTS Health - Automation

When it comes to automation, we know what matters to you. Our process modeling and optimisation solutions focus on improved turnaround times and efficient resource utilization throughout your lab. Our service includes the development of a financial business case, as automation come with hefty capital requirements and service costs.

LTS Health - Workforce planning & modeling

Lab professionals are not only scarce, but they are also one of the main cost drivers in a lab. Utilizing these resources as efficient as possible is paramount to the long-term success of your lab and the best ROI on your human capital investment.

LTS Health - Consolidation

Consolidation impacts every aspect of the laboratory business, from high-level strategies, clinical interactions, and operational processes to the types of technology used and impact on the staff. Patient care and quality service must remain the primary driver of improvement and consolidation projects.

LTS Health - Facilities Design and Construction​

A comprehensive, independent, specialist lab design service that bridges the gap between our clients’ operational optimization and architectural design. Our designs are based on international leading practice and accommodate current and future technology trends, ensuring regulatory compliance and enabling our clients to obtain the desired accreditation.

eValuate™ is a laboratory cost management tool that helps labs achieve cost savings, improve productivity and manage change effectively. eValuate™ can help laboratories transition from estimation-based cost accounting with limited visibility into the cost drivers to fully understand all costs across the laboratory.

Contact LTS Health for your tailor-made web, mobile, or desktop solution. Our team of industrial engineers, data designers, and software developers is ready to create your application, today. With our inclusive consulting method, we define and design our applications to fit into processes unique to your business, empowering you to focus on your work with minimal disruption.

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We enjoy helping laboratories become more successful.

Questions and Answers

LTS Health Consulting – General

We help labs make the right technology decisions with the highest value impact, at lowest cost and implementation risk through an unbiased, fact-based, structured service.

The automation services methodology can be applied widely for various laboratories, but most of our clients fall in the following 3 categories:

1 – The evaluation and installation of a new automation system to replace task-targeted or manual processes.

2 – The replacement, renewal or upgrade of an existing automation system.

3 – The evaluation of an existing automation system not performing desirably or with possible changes in application (volume, menu, etc.).

Our experience in the optimization of diagnostics laboratories, combined with our process-driven engineering approach, makes us unique in the market.

Most automation vendors and clinical equipment suppliers offer consulting services along with their solutions, but their business model is built around selling more of their own technology to the client, instead of providing the most economical solution with best fit.

There are around 6 stages for the end-to-end service as noted below, but we do engage with clients for a selection of stages only where required or possible.  The stages are:

Project Design
Request for Proposals (RFP)
Solution Design and Planning
Testing and Go-live
Stabilization and Optimization

During project initiation, the project stakeholders agree on meeting intervals, steering committee members and meeting schedules, deadlines and reporting requirements. This varies per project and might be amended throughout the project at the steering committee meetings.

During the project, and especially on approval of the business case, the possibility and process for performing a formal case study for the lab, supplier, LTS, or combination will be discussed. Formal approvals to be obtained by all parties on nature of information to be shared as well as sharing platforms.

We can offer a partial service, where possible. During project scoping we would be able to evaluate the current status and health of the automation project and propose a custom process, given the unique circumstances of the client and project.

We see laboratories as integrated systems of people, equipment, facilities and data systems. As such, we always ensure that all these aspects obtain the same attention during the design, selection and implementation of new technologies. Our service includes process-driven facility design and workforce reorganization as standard.


Pricing is prepared based on the scope, size and technical complexity of the proposed or incumbent solutions. Where the service is combined with other services such as consolidation support or facility design, scale discounts will be applied.

At the onset of the project and on agreement of total project pricing and timelines, an invoicing/cashflow schedule is prepared in consultation with the client. Payment could be monthly, on completion of set phases or milestones, or a combination.

This is highly dependent on the type of project engagement and client organization type. LTS will be willing to discuss risk sharing options as part of draft or final business case preparation.


LTS has helped more than 20 labs in 10 countries with implementing and optimizing their automation solutions.

Independence is a critical characteristic of the LTS automation service and is protected fiercely. At LTS we pride ourselves to advise labs on the most suitable technology solution for them given their unique requirements and financial resources.

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