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With the fast pace of change and the introduction of new analytical technologies, labs are often required to perform better and cope with these changes without an increase in their budget or investments in new equipment, software, infrastructure and staff to keep up with this growth.

Consolidation, when implemented appropriately, can deliver value far beyond the reduction in staff, an objective we commonly associate with such projects. It is not purely just the merging of all operations together, but a balance between the pillars of sustainability, cost, quality, efficiency and value.

Your Challenges

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How do we help your business?

Our approach is to develop consolidation strategies and plans that combine people, equipment, tests, departments, labs or entire facilities that will guarantee the uptime of your lab.

Quantified analysis

of all the consolidation options, the savings and improvements that are delivered when measured against the current state.

Calculating the impact

consolidation will have on floor space, equipment, staff, logistics and service delivery.

Delivering a financial model

that can be used as part of a business case for approval of the consolidation project.

How we do it?

LTS Health’s Bottom-Up Consolidation Methodology

Strategic organizational objectives

Data standardization and strategic alignment of organizational objectives and the analyses of enablers and constraints.

Operational model based on feasibility

Design a new organizational structure and outline a feasibility report that assesses opportunities for immediate savings.

Business process and resource utilization

Inter-laboratory benchmarking of inventories, procurement and gaps in order to re-engineer business processes and optimize resources

Implementation of consolidation plan

Our detailed understanding of lab operations allows us to gather all relevant information to ensure feasible solutions are implemented in a consolidation business case.

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